Cheap Make Up!

“I love MAC eye shadows but I can’t afford to pay for a full eye shadow palette”

Fear not! The high street has served the public and has created an AMAZING budget palette





Who are Makeup Revolution?

Makeup Revolution are a newly developed company, London based, created in 2014.

By having only 1 year of reputation, many people are nervous to take the first purchase with the brand.

However, with prices of products as low as £1 how could you not give their products a whirl?

What did you buy? 

I ordered a handful of products, my order included –

Flawless Matte Eyeshadows, Ultra Professional Blush Palette, Beyond Eden Baked Eyeshadow, Move Your Mouth Forever Lip Cream, Baby Pink Lip Liner.

What did you think/rate of each Product?

Flawless Matte Eyeshadows – WOW, this cost me £8 for 32 colours. So firstly, I don’t think anyone can complain with a price like that. For the price I was expecting a very cheap, transparent and weak colour pay off. All I can say is I stand corrected and mainly stunned. ♥ This product has the creamiest of textures, the powder is thick so you get a great pick up of product on your brush and smooth to blend. The one factor of the product I am yet to test is the pro-long wear of it. I have tested the eyeshadow while going out for lunch, it sat perfectly, however I had not been rushing around or worked a 12 hour day. There must be a catch with how cheap this product is and that is all I can think of. However, so far I cannot fault this product, PLEASE PURCHASE!

Rating = ♦♦♦♦♦


Ultra Professional Blush Palette – As soon as I opened this palette my eyes lit up! You can see the company have really considered every skin tone in this palette, however I would just like to say the name of the product is very misleading. I would class this as a shimmer highlight palette NOT a blusher palette. All powders are reflective, shimmery & transparent.

Ignoring the incorrect naming of the product, the actual powders in the palette are INCREDIBLE. You have a selection of different pigments and intensity. For example, the top left white powder is a high shine reflex. Whereas the bottom left rose gold has a soft angelic glow on the skin. My favourite has to be the top right gold, this applied to the apples of the cheeks, wow. The light bounces off of it giving a bronzed liquid glow.

I could not fault this product, only the name.

Rating = ♦♦♦♦♦


Move Your Mouth Forever Lip Cream, Baby Pink Lip Liner – These two products sadly I am highly disappointed with. As my lip collection lacks baby pink shades I thought I would give one the baby lip liners with a nude cream over the top.

The lip pencil, dry, strong pigment but a horrible texture. The lip pencil collects on all dry areas of the mouth and you build the horrible dreaded ‘inside lip liner’ (eww). The colour was true to its word, its a bright baby pink, but looks CHEAP on the lips due to it being so dry.

At this point, I was relying on the cream lipstick to smooth out the pencil and correct all the pencils wrongs. Sadly this was not the case, the cream felt too heavy for the lip, it slides when ever you move your lips and also collects in the creases of the mouth. It also looked ‘thick’.

Both of these products were removed and placed straight in my fancy dress make up box.

Rating = ♦

Beyond Eden Baked Eyeshadow – These eye shadows are stunning! The colours are almost 3D with reflexes of gold, green, silver etc. I am yet to use these wet as they are ‘baked’ this usually means you can use these wet. This will achieve a higher intensity of colour.

(To use a product wet, spray the BRUSH with a lightweight spray – MAC Mineralize Mist / Fix+ – then use the damp brush in the chosen product. DO NOT SPRAY THE PRODUCT. This will permanently change the consistency and mean you will not be able to achieve its original formation. Also, not all eye shadows can be used wet, they have to be baked and mineral based or a ‘cake’)

Baked eye shadows do not last 24 hours anyway because they are a softer consistency. These eye shadows lasted 6 hours roughly so I feel that’s a reasonable wear.

Rating = ♦♦♦

Makeup Revolution has definitely impressed me and has made me want to explore further into their brand.

If you have any products you would like me to purchase and review or see swatches or a tutorial of any of the above, please comment below.

I hope you all have a fabulous day,

SalonSabina x