Covid-19 Procedures

We are very aware of how intimidating COVID-19 has been for everyone and we want to make the re-opening of our business as safe as possible.

To make this an easy and calm re-opening we have performed risk assessments and have created the following procedures for clients to follow. We also have strict expectations, responsibilities and procedures for our team to follow to assist on the safety of everyone.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any concerns but please understand we are going to be EXTREMELY busy on our return so we may need some time to get back to you.

It is your responsibility, the client, to read and adhere to the following when visiting our premises. We will expect you to be aware of the procedures before you arrive so that we can all work well together. These expectations and procedures will be communicated through our social media, booksy and also will be displayed in our salon to remind you upon your visit. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


  • Please pre-book all appointments. We will not be accepting walk-in clients while social distancing is still enforced.
  • Please where possible attend the appointment on your own. If you are bringing your child for an appointment you are responsible for them understanding the procedures and expectations.
  • All appointments require a £30 non-refundable deposit as we have a very long waiting list and cannot afford for time-wasting. Sabina will contact you once booked in to organise deposit.
  • You are expected to inform your stylist and re-arrange your booking if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who is infected. Your deposit is transferable but non-refundable. Please give the stylist as much notice as possible.
  • Your stylist also has the right to cancel your appointment if we have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone infected. Your deposit is transferable to a new date but still non-refundable.
  • Please wait in the reception area when you arrive until your stylist invites you into the salon
  • Please ensure you have booked the correct service as we will not have time to extend appointments due to the wrong service selection. We must adhere to cleaning gaps in between clients.
  • Your stylist will be starting with your consultation promptly and you can then enjoy your catch up during your appointment. This will be to keep the appointment punctual so we do not run over timings and have multiple clients in the salon breaking social distancing. (If you feel you have a complex, long consultation please inform Sabina beforehand so you can have a FaceTime consultation).
  • Please ensure you have had your patch test prior to your booking. If you are needing a patch test please arrive at the salon within the opening hours and wait in the reception area (while following social distancing) until your stylist is available to come and provide you with the test. Do not walk into the salon until told to do so. If you are unsure of opening hours contact SalonSabina directly.
  • Sadly we are not allowed to provide our usual refreshments at the moment. Hot drinks and biscuits are currently unavailable. However, we have sealed bottled water we can provide. We just ask that you take the bottle home with you to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Your details are stored on our booking system and for 21 days after your booking, the government have the right to request your information. This is our duty of care to support and assist the test and trace app.
  • When your stylist is showing you the colour book we kindly ask you not to touch. This is a highly used book and would cause a risk to you and others if this was handled by customers.

Pricing & payment

  • Appointments that require disposable PPE will have a £3 surcharge. This increase is to cover the cost of your PPE and sanitising products for your safety during your visit.
  • Bank transfer/contactless is the preferred source of payment. We can offer card inserted payment but you must insert the card yourself. Cash is accepted but not preferred due to contamination.

Hours of Business

  • We now have extended hours to help catch up with the backlog of clients. You can find our opening hours at the very bottom of this page.
  • We advise any high-risk clients such as pregnant or elderly to contact us directly to find the quiet periods in our diary. Please inform Sabina in your booking notes if you are high risk so she can avoid bookings close to your slot.

Social Distancing

  • We will be asking customers to follow the government social distancing rules while within the salon. Please respect other customers distance when travelling to the toilet, leaving or entering the salon and any movement.
  • Your stations will be socially distanced from other clients so you are safe during your treatment.
  • Sadly your stylist will not be able to offer hugs (for now!) but we will be sure to give you a welcoming return in a COVID safe way.

Basic Hygiene

  • Please cough and sneeze into a tissue and dispose of immediately and wash your hands.
  • We will be having to keep the salon well ventilated as instructed by the government. We advise you to wear layers to your appointment so you can be comfortable with the windows open. Of course, we will not allow you to be uncomfortable. We have skylights we can use as light ventilation but where suitable we will have windows and doors open.
  • We will be cleaning regularly in the salon to keep you safe. We will clean the chair and station between every client and regularly clean high traffic areas and items.
  • Please touch as little as possible during your visit to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Magazines have been removed from the salon as instructed so please bring a kindle or your own entertainment if you have a long appointment.
  • We are not allowing any charging of devices in the salon as we need to keep clients touching as little as possible and we are not allowed to touch your belongings.


  • We will always keep a close eye and follow the government guidelines to keep you and us safe.
  • From 8th August 2020 clients are expected to wear masks for the duration of their appointment. We do not provide masks, so please ensure you bring your own mask.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at multiple points around the salon. There will be a sanitising station upon entering the salon where it is vital you thoroughly sanitise your hands.
  • Your stylists will be wearing visors.
  • We will be using disposable PPE for you where ever possible. If this is not possible due to stock shortage or any other reason we will be using a ‘one use’ policy where any gown, towel etc will be safely stored immediately after your use so there is no cross-contamination. They will then be washed daily before being reintroduced to the salon floor.

What are we doing to protect you?

Everything in this document is to protect you. However, some extra steps include-

  • We have a small team which means minimal people in the salon for social distancing
  • We will be doing one client at a time and if occasionally we have another client during your colour development we will follow social distancing.
  • We will be working from behind you to stay out of the ‘highest risk zone’.
  • We have followed and will continue to update the government guidelines.
  • Cleaning tools between clients
  • Using as much disposable PPE as stock allows
  • Stylists stay on site all day (unless a reason to leave) to avoid as much social contact as possible outside of the salon.

Government suggestions

We understand the following may not be possible but it is recommended so we must communicate the following-

  • Please avoid public transport where possible when travelling to the salon. You can drive, walk or cycle to us. You are welcome to lock your bike in our private outside area.
  • No shouting while in the salon as this can spread particles in the air. If the music is too loud please tell us and we will happily turn it down

We thank you so much for reading and agreeing to follow our procedures.

Our salon has always been based on a personable, loving and fun experience so it saddens us that we have to create such distance. We promise we will return to our usual amazing SalonSabina ways as soon as possible. But, until then, let’s stay safe and beat COVID!

See you soon, we can’t wait to pamper you the best we can!