How To Get Good Skin – Part 1

Welcome to the blog of beautiful skin.

How To Get Good Skin – Part 1


Thank you for coming to read How To Get Good Skin – Part 1 where we will talk through everything skin!

Summer is over. The cold, harsh weather is back. I hear your skin cry! Do not let your skin get battered this winter, let us teach you how to get gorgeous skin in the winter months!

We are going to break this HUGE subject into weekly blog posts.

  • Understanding your skin type (How To Get Good Skin – Part 1)
  • Treatments to improve skin
  • How to keep the skin clean (Brush Cleaning, Removal of Make-up)


So, what is good skin & what is bad skin?

 Good skin is soft, radiant, even complexion and most importantly blemish free.

Bad skin is flakey, over active with blemishes and blocked pores.

What makes me have good skin or bad skin?

  • Genetics. (mothers or fathers skin type can follow down the chain. Naughty parents!)
  • Age. (Usually the teenage years are the worst. The reason for teenagers being so blemished is due to the huge hormone changes between ages 12-18)
  • Diet. (Your skin is the way your body communicates. If your not looking after your insides your outside will let you know)
  • Hygiene. (The effective removal of make up is vital, also sporty people can have problems with sweat buildup, especially if wearing makeup while training)
  • Bacteria. (Bacteria can grow on the face from using dirty application tools or its a natural bacteria you produce. However high levels can cause blemishes)
  • Lifestyle. (Stress is the biggest sin for bad skin, and excessive drinking or lack of sleep)
  • Medical. (Sometimes none of the above are relevant and you may need medical attention, for example, antibiotics. However I’m here to help you before we go to the dreaded GP)

 Let’s prep that skin to be the best it can be! So, where to begin…

What is my skin type?

You must understand what your skin needs to be able to subscribe yourself the right products. So, let’s talk about the main types of skin.

Oily: Oily means it has a ‘residue’ on the skin at most points of the day. Oil is different to sweat, it’s more like a serum. A thicker substance. People with oily skin will find their make up can come off easily and be shiny.

PROS: Skin has a much slower ageing process due to high moisture in the skin

CONS: Make up doesnt like to sit still on this skin type

Dry: Dry skin constantly needs attention and care. The skin can be cracked, dull and flakey. Make up on this skin type tends to separate due to lack of moisture and requires a creamier product to the skin.

PROS: You can treat your skin to alot of skincare

CONS: Skin can have alot of texture so make up can make it look worse

Dehydrated: Very difficult to recognise the difference between dry and dehydrated skin. The one major difference is dehydrated skin feels tight as if it could ‘break’. Dry skin tends to have more flexibility but be more like dandruff on the skin. Dehydrated skin is like a dehydrated human, it just needs water!

PROS: Quite easy to fix and re balance

CONS: Your skin can be different everyday so hard to find a set skincare regime

Combination: This is what most people describe their skin as, a mix of the above. Combination is the most generic skin type however it is hard to work with. You have to treat each section of the skin differently until they all balance out. If you have combination skin you CANNOT be lazy with your skin! Fix it.

PROS: You can try lots of different yummy products

CONS: You really need to get to know your skin otherwise you can make it worse.


Help?! What skincare do I use?!

This is a huge, ongoing subject. It varies for each skin type and age skin. If you are looking for a personal write up on how to improve your skin please enquire on the Book Sabina page. We are more than happy to book you in for a short skin diagnosis appointment where we can guide you to fab skin.

So, my star rules for everyone…

  • Try to use products with as little ingredients as possible 
  • Make sure you understand what every ingredient is 
  • Avoid perfume in skincare 
  • Always ask for samples first 
  • Just because the product is expensive doesn’t mean its good for you 
  • Always ask the staff to explain the product, if they don’t understand it, don’t buy it. 
  • When possible use an eye cream on the eyes not your standard moisturiser (will prevent wrinkles)
  • Natural IS the best way to treat your skin 
  • Ensure to change skincare throughout the year to adapt to weather etc
  • Never use an out of date product 
  • Moisturise mainly at night and less in the morning (if at all) – Skin repairs in your sleep 
  • Moisturise your neck – you don’t want a pretty face and a wrinkly neck 
  • Try to make it a daily routine
  • Always moisturise on CLEAN skin

    For any questions on these bullet points, feel free to message us directly on our Booking Form.

What brands can I trust?

From my personal experience, of course other people may think differently, my all time favourite brand for skin care is


LUSH helped me clear of my acne, but most importantly, educate me to the importance of using more natural ingredients. The staff are extremely helpful in educating you of the products your skin needs. It supplies something for everyone from rich creams, to a light weight solid balm.

If you have already found your perfect skin care and you’re just looking for a treat then I would recommend trying one of their facemasks for your mid week pick-me-up! 

My fave LUSH products:

  1. Million Dollar MoisturiserThis is the most divine smelling cream with a beautiful, stunning highlighter built in. Sadly I cannot wear it as it contains a high level of SPF which makes my eyes stream but I would still say its the best thing ever!
  2. Ultrabalm – A cute hand bag size pot. Made from purely plant waxes. I love this as its an all over body product and you just grab a bit of the wax and use wherever! Can be used to also protect skin as its a wax, so use as a barrier when dying hair or tame the eyebrows with this wax.
  3. Full of Grace – A solid bar, looks like soap, but its designed to make your skin feel like a babys bum! So lush lush lush and easy to use. Just rub the bar between your hands or directly on the area to add your lightweight moisture. And another bonus, its cheap! £8.
  4. Lip Scrub – Perfect for those dry lips in the winter! Also, tastes great! Go for the bubblegum flavour, trust me 😉
  5. Toner Tablets – This is only available online and in London head store (I believe). These tablets are dropped into hot water and they fizz away. This tablet gives you a home made spa. Pop a towel over your head and enjoy the steam opening up your pores. LUSH!

I hope part one of our ‘How To Get Better Skin’ has educated you and you have enjoyed it.

We love hearing from you, so please feel free to ask us any further questions etc.

Part 2 coming next week!


Take care of your skin! Love SalonSabina. <3