My review on budget foundations

“I cant afford to wear expensive foundation all the time, can I use budget foundation?”

When I spend time with my clients, they will enjoy a full face of high end products (MAC, Illamasqua, Nars, Tom Ford, Chanel etc). However, this is their treat, we cant all afford expensive make up for a daily basis.
My clients always ask me what my favourite budget foundations are. As I haven’t used many of them I thought I would trial a few of them out for you and provide you with my favourites.

Skin Type

This review will not be suitable for everyone as your skin type may vary compared to mine.
My skin dehydrated (dehydrated skin feels tight and stiff, whereas dry skin is more flaky). Due to my skin being dehydrated I have always used a moisturizing/satin/dewy foundation (satin means more of a smooth wet look feel)
However, I work long days at a very fast pace which means I get very hot during the day. My skin gets shiny with sweat very quickly so sometimes a 100% satin foundation can look like oil on my face if I am already sweating. (NOT a good look)
If you do find your skin is instantly oily before even applying make up, you will be more suited to a matte foundation (more of a non slip/dry finish)
So, with that information, a medium satin foundation is suitable for my skin.

Testing foundations

During my time working at MAC i noticed many people testing their foundation shade on the back of their hands. The back of your hand is exposed to much more sunlight and has a different texture compared to your face. You will find your hands are usually a darker skin tone than your naked skin on the face.
For that reason I always recommend matching your foundation shade on the jaw line. This means you can compare the swatch to your face shade but also your neck and chest to ensure you have a perfect blend.

Rimmel Stay Matte primer & foundation (£5.99 each)

Coverage: (Foundation) Full, thick, mousse like / (Primer) smoothing, medium thickness
How it wore: Initial application was flawless, cracked on the smile lines of my face and around nose after 4 hours.
Comments: This foundation I picked as one of my top budget foundations simply for the coverage it gives. Its so smooth on the skin however i do NOT recommend for dry/dehydrated skin types as you may find it will crack like it did for me. However, if you have more of an oily skin this could be your new best friend! The primer has a silicone based formula which will smooth out any pours & fine lines in the skin (dips and wrinkles) however it is still very moisturising so I would say it isn’t created for mature skin as it wouldn’t smooth out the fine lines enough.
Rating for my own skin: 5/10
Rating of value for money: 8/10

Dream Satin Liquid (£7.99)

Coverage: Medium-Full, smooth, liquid.
How it wore: Very shiny, lasted most of day but slipped off of areas which are touched frequently (chin/nose/eyebrows).
Comments: Really like how smooth this liquid is, really glides onto your skin and covers any dry areas. However its super shiny. I wouldn’t be able to wear this without a powder to finish, even with my dry skin it still looked too shiny. The only thing I didn’t like about Dream Satin Liquid was I felt I couldn’t touch my face as it may transfer. Also, if you like a full coverage you will need two layers so you may finish the bottle quite quickly. Primer is 100% needed for a long lasting application of this foundation, especially if you have oily skin.
Rating for my own skin: 7/10
Rating of value for money: 8/10

I hope you have found this review helpful, if you have any further questions about these products or would like to make any suggestions for future blog posts please comment below. Thank you x