What products should I buy with my Xmas money?!

First of all, MERRY CRIMBO! from SalonSabina.

Today is Boxing Day, the launch of the festive sales. All of our kind friends and family have given us lovely gifts or sometimes even money or giftcards. But what shall we buy?!

Wanting to buy some make up but dont know where to start? Let SalonSabina help.

This post will talk about my current ‘hype’ products and to make sure we provide for all markets I will break it down to 3 sections.

High profile

(High price luxury, be prepared for heaven)

Mild treat

(Little bit more than budget, but hey, we deserve it)

Easy buys

(Be silly not to buy it with the price!)


High Profile

Chanel soleil tan de Chanel (£32)

chanel soleil tan de chanel

The absolute fabulous, flawless and addictive cream/gel bronzer is to DIE for. Anyone who knows me or has their make up applied by SalonSabina will know how I react when we speak about this product. My college teacher told me about this bronzer years ago but I always thought Chanel was over priced and ‘natural’ so saw it as a waste of money. How narrow minded and wrong was I! This product melts into the skin resulting in a seamless application, no lines and no orange tinge as it adapts to your tone. The product is build-able so you can have a natural glow or a strong contour. It can also be worn with no make up just to add a flush of colour, or ontop of foundation to give that silk finish. This is a MUST BUY!

Le Blanc De Chanel (£33)


Multi-Use Illuminating Base, that’s the products description. Sound like another boring primer? THINK AGAIN. After falling in love with the Chanel bronzer I now am an addict to Chanel. This primer however, it didn’t need to go on my face for me to love it.. I tried it on the back of my hand and immediately bagged it up! This product feels like a milk, its quite runny and very white but once rubbed into the skin it feels like a velvet layer and it is colour-less, however, it takes away redness and brightens the under eyes! I applied this to half of the back of my hand in the store, the difference was unbelievable. The green veins were now neutral, the hair pores were now smooth and there were NO lines to be seen! Its to die for, FOR ALL SKIN TYPES!

Mild Treat

Estée Lauder Perfectionist (£28.50)

Estee perfectionist

This amazing two-in-one product is a Youth-Infusing Brightening Serum + Concealer. This product gives a dewy radiant effect so perfect for dry skin or a mature skin. The reason being, serum is a hydrant (hydrating for the skin) so this keeps the area ‘smooth and wet’ rather than ‘dry and cracked’. Some people do not have issues with concealer but if you are like me and find concealers crease, this one has been my best find (TO DATE). The serum is fabulous to be applied on a ‘no make up day’ to add radiance and health to the skin. The concealer is just so creamy and blend-able. I would say best applied with a sponge!

Gleam (£22)

illamasqua gleam

This is an Illamasqua master product. Illamasqua beats MAC for me all day long, it is bold and forward thinking. Say hello to your new cream highlighter! Cream can scare some people its just because its not what you’re used to… What beats a matte foundation with a dewy highlight? AMEN! <3 this product is a ice pink base but sheer enough to let your natural skin tone glow through. So for example, an olive skin would create more of a warm pink whereas a pale skin would create more of an ice effect. This is a product for all skin colours. This highlighter is beautiful in the cupids bow! Say hello to Illamasqua gleam (website has just launched a big sale up to 70% off which has just rinsed my money -whoops- sadly Gleam is not included but go check it out! http://www.illamasqua.com/ )

Easy Buys

Matte Me (£4.95)


These little magic buys were an accident! When having a browse through SuperDrug I noticed sleek had an offer (and may still do if you are quick) ‘If you spend £10 on Sleek make up you get a free MATTE ME or GLOSS ME’. Well, I’m a sucker for a freebie so that was it, I spent £20 so I could have two MATTE ME’s. I chose the red (Rioja Red) and the nude (Birthday Suit). Theses are your budget treats so lets be clear, don’t expect the world as they are high street products but this is a pretty damn good bargain! The colour pay off is 10/10 its very true to its word. However, this product can crack or peel so I defo recommend a lip scrub prior to this application (LUSH COSMETICS LIP SCRUB IS A MUST! – ITS SO YUMMY!)

Miracle Complexion Sponge (£4.95)

miracel complx sponge

I have added this to the list because although it is a simple tool, it is one I could not live without. The life of the sponge! Before beauty blenders were popular and I worked at MAC, Bristol I was still a die hard sponge fan. When cosmetic sponges were made popular and more accessible i couldn’t be happier as it truly is the best tool for self-application! Sponges can be used damp or dry however dry would absorb alot of your product causing wastage. This sponge does hold water for a long time though so get it slightly wet rather than drenched, really squeeze it out after soaking. This sponge is a life saver also for mid day blues. Your make up is looking a bit worn in, needs a freshen up, just dab your sponge (which should have a bit of excess product on from the morning) to the areas of concern and it will immediately freshen up!


I would love to know what products you will be buying from the list and if you have any further questions please please please feel free to email me at [email protected] or direct mail on my facebook page www.facebook.com/salonsabina

Merry Xmas to everyone!

All my love,