SalonSabina launches with excitement

Where it all began…

So, here it is, my first blog post. This will be a blog where I keep my customers and supporters informed of SalonSabina’s progression, news and competitions. As you are sat here reading this, you will already know what my job is, but many of you ask about where it all began. Welcome to the roots of SalonSabina.
Make up is about expression. I respect my customers for putting their trust in my hands. For them to feel comfortable they need to know that I am an honest and caring brand. Here I welcome you to my past, the roots and the building of my brand.
People aren’t blessed with a manual on how to succeed in life, we only have ourselves, our mind and our morals to keep us on the right track.
I am an only child, with an incredible, hard working, self-employed and inspirational father. He is my world. The other half of me is an absent mother. Unfortunately, although I am grateful for being alive today we do not see eye-to-eye.
When my parents initially divorced I lived with my mother who continually listened to music and who used to be very good at art before she sadly let mental health control her life. I live with my dad now (have done for years). He is an outstanding rock drummer as well as a web designer/developer running his own web development business. My mother’s family were also musicians. As you can see my life was exploding with creativity.
As I grew up, I used to collect barbies and cut their hair, occupy myself in my room with numerous cheap lipsticks or sing and make up dance routines with my friends. As I write this now I have my headphones on listening to music. A life without creativity is impossible for me. I always knew I wanted to be paid to be creative, I just didn’t know which route to take.
My first ever job was a sales assistant in Warehouse clothing, Cabot circus. I enjoyed the social aspect of talking to customers but I found myself getting bored very quickly into my shift. This boredom continued into my other jobs which included being a receptionist and waitress, until I landed myself with a weekend job at MAC, Bristol as a cashier.
One piece of advice I can give to any training MUA (Make Up Artist) is to not expect things to happen overnight. I handed in my CV to MAC expecting a full time make up artist job, instead I was offered a 2 day week cashier role. This, although I thought differently at the time, gave me a nice slow and steady introduction to the mental, intense, exciting and creative world of make up artistry. It definitely takes a certain type of person to survive the make up industry, a strong person. After 3 months I was promoted to a part time make up artist, this then continued to my being promoted to a full time artist.
Picking up that make up brush for the first time as a fully fledged make up artist that is being paid by my customer is completely different to doing the same at home with your friends. Clammy hands, a racing heart and nervousness are just some of the feelings I remember on my first day as a MAC make up artist. However, one thing I never ever felt was self doubt!
I have always had this burning passion in my heart for success, I thank my Dad for this. I thank him for my work ethic and for not allowing me to follow in my mothers footsteps. That passion can not be taught to you. It is born into you. Find what hobby/activity or career gives you that burning fire inside and set all of your energy into being the best you can at it.
After 2 years of developing my artistry at MAC (and may I add meeting some life long friends (Myles, Claire, Vanessa I love you dearly)), I decided after a few disagreements with the company that it was time for me to step out into the big wide business world alone.
This courage to become self employed would not have been possible if it wasn’t for a few people who I would like to publicly thank;
Ben Carr – My amazing, talented and inspirational soul mate. You never ever doubted me Ben, you only wanted to see me happy. You knew make up is what made me excited and the only thing I cared about. You are also an amazing self employed barber. You know what it takes to survive in this scary world of business and you always give me the advice and compliments I need to keep SalonSabina at the best it can be. I thank you every day for treating my like a queen and making me the happiest girl in the world. This happiness is passed on to my customers.
Elliott Porter – My Dad. I could go on for hours about the amount of love I have for you. You brought me up as a single parent with not even enough money to heat a flat when I was tiny, but you kept me wrapped up in blankets while you were cold. The sacrifices you have made to provide for me, I will never be able to repay you, but I hope my now being self employed at the age of 21 makes you so proud that it was all worth it. I love you dearly.
Brett Jewell – Best friend of 10 years. I have many friends who have supported me but there are the selected few that I will always be grateful for (Chelsie Brailsford, Alex Kempster, Amy Howell, Jade Shanna). One person though who has been my rock is Brett. Many people know how strong our bond is, however if you don’t I owe my sanity to this man. I am in no way saying my life has been the hardest you would of ever heard of, not at all, but I have sadly had to witness the sick world of mental illness. Watching your friends at school go home to a stable family home, having brothers and sisters to support them and actually being able to live their childhood was something I was always jealous of. I had to grow up very quickly due to my mothers lack of maternal instinct. I truly believe my life would have taken a different route if Brett hadn’t of been around. You gave me that escape from the dark corners of life and you never ever were too busy for me in time of need. And most importantly, you gave me the idea of what a childhood should of felt like. You are my brother, and you gave me happiness in times of sadness. Thank you for being there.
Danielle Long – My step sister. You are slightly younger than me, yet you would think we were born on the same day. You are an amazing estate agent with a brilliant business mind. You always recommend me to the lovely people of Weston-super-Mare, and ‘you’ were the person who helped me make up my mind on going self employed after that lovely birthday weekend away at CenterParcs. Thank you for believing in me!
Mandy – My step mum. Thank you for being a mother figure in my life and providing stability into our home which enabled me to concentrate on my dreams and your being there to support them. Thank you for being an inspiration in all things.
My birth mother – I will not name you. However I do thank you. Thank you for giving me an example of what I did ‘not’ want to turn out like. You have, by default, made me work harder so that I do not fail at life and I can one day have children and make them proud.

The world with no pay cheque, holiday pay or set hours is a scary place but my motto for life is…

“Live for what makes you Alive”

Well, oh my god, I feel alive. I wake up everyday excited to spend time with my customers, work hard at my business and hopefully become a well known artist throughout Bristol & the UK in years to come.
This is my life choice. I hope to look back at this blog post in 5-10 years time and smile at the progression SalonSabina has made between then and now.

Hopefully after reading this, you now feel part of SalonSabina’s world. I welcome you to our community of self expression, here is where you will not be judged.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website & I hope you enjoy my future blog posts.
All my love, SalonSabina brand Identity