Hairdressing is the longest-serving service we offer. We have highly experienced stylists offering a full range of treatments. The full range of treatments can be found on our booksy app but to help you understand some of the more specific and modern services we will explain them further.

Our salon uses a colour range called L’anza which uses the most advanced ingredient technology, perfectly balanced with wildcrafted botanicals and potent actives to heal, seal, and protect the hair.

We are trained in colour and cutting and provide your service to be fully exclusive to one stylist. What does this mean? That means you are not being swapped and changed between stylists for your colour, then another for your cut and another for your styling. We give you a fully personal service.

Cutting & Styling Hair (Wet Cut, Cut & Blow-dry, wash & Blow-dry)

We are proud to say we provide a full creation on your hair as we include cut and blow drys in all our colour service prices.

The reason for this is we truly believe a fresh colour without a fresh cut is not worth your money. So we have included them in a package price so you feel 100% flawless when you leave the salon.

If you are looking for a cut without colour we provide you with a relaxing hair wash including a head massage and then we will offer a full consultation on your hair concerns and goals until we have a full vision to perform your hair cut. We also will always offer professional advice to suit your lifestyle and hair type.

If you prefer to let your hair air dry or style it yourself we do offer a wet cut. This is also perfect for those months you are too busy for colour but your cut needs a little tidy up. However, if you are having a restyle cut we do always recommend a cut and blow-dry so the stylist can check how the hair is sitting once styled.

All other appointments include a blow-dry and styling as standard but a bouncy blow-dry is an additional cost as it requires added time to your service. If you require a bouncy blow-dry please inform your stylist at the time of booking.

Hair Tinting (Full Head Tint, Regrowth Tint)

This service is suitable for clients who like a block colour which means 1 solid colour. This colour has to be similar to what you have now or darker. If you are looking to take your hair lighter that requires bleach which would refer to any of the following ‘Full head highlights, Balayage, Bleach Bath or Base colour with foils).

The colour we use can be applied in a permanent form, semi-permanent or a glaze which lasts up to 10 washes. We can adapt the service to your needs which we will discuss in your consultation at the start of your appointment.

Base Colour with Foils

This service is great for someone who likes being mainly a block colour but wants some subtle dimension. The foils can be adding a darker shade or a lighter shade. These are usually applied to the parting area for maximum visibility or you can apply them underneath the parting or in the fringe area for subtle accents of colour.

Balayage –

This modern service is great for low maintenance colour. What balayage means is lighter pieces of colour but on the mid and ends of the hair but not the roots. The reason this service is very popular is it can be maintained once a year if you leave your natural root at the top as your regrowth grows naturally with the balayage.

You can have balayage in any colour. The most popular is the natural colour root with blonde ends however you can have dark brown/black roots with deep copper ends for example. We also include a toner with this service as the balayage pieces are always lifted with bleach a toner can remove the unwanted brassy tone that can sometimes be a result of lightening hair.

We always advise sending your stylist pictures prior to your booking as balayage is so diverse in the ratio of light to dark strands and the tones visual evidence is the easiest way to recognise your goal.

Highlights and/or Low-lights (T Section, Half Head, Full Head) –

This service is a classic and always will be. This adds lighter or darker pieces from the root to ends of the hair. It uses foil to separate pieces of hair which then either has bleach, high lift tint or tint applied. The main difference between highlights and balayage is that highlights look like its growing from the scalp whereas balayage is a grown out application. This is great for someone who likes to be blonde but wants the roots to grow out as gently as possible. If you were to have blonde applied to your hair as a full head tint you would have a strong line as you regrowth, however, highlights are woven so the root is more diffused.

Highlights are also a great way to safely and gradually transition from dark hair to blonde hair. This may take several sessions but it is the most controlled way.

This service does not include a toner but can be an added service when you book. The reason we do not include this in the price is some clients like the way their hair lifts naturally and may not desire a toner so we leave this done to personal preference. If you are transitioning from dark to light with highlights we would always recommend adding a toner to control any unwanted brassy tones.

Colour Correction –

This service is very open-ended and on our booksy app does not have a price assigned to it as we need to access the hair first. Colour corrections are designed for multiple different techniques and products to rebalance the hair and work towards your end goal. An example of a colour correction could be a client has patchy coloured hair and wants to be an all-over even ice blonde. This would require a full head highlights, a bleach bath perhaps and then also a toner and a root application. The price is according to how much work the hair requires and time. We always recommend sending an image of your hair currently and then the desired end goal before booking to obtain a quote.

We also offer a free in-salon consultation service which you can book online where we can see your hair in real life and take a strand test which is highly recommended.

Toner –

This is also known as a glaze. This is a sheer product which adds a layer of tone on top of the hair. The example of when toner is most commonly used is to conceal and correct brassy tones on blonde hair or add depth and vibrancy back to a rich copper balayage. This product has no commitment so is a great way of testing a darker colour on yourself before committing to a tint.

Hair Styling (Bouncy Blow-Dry, Curls, Hair Up)

This service is fab for bolt-on with a makeup the booking. Perfect for any events or a night out where we can give you that glam factor.

With our bouncy blow drys and curls, we offer a choice of leaving with it in a pin curl set which means the style won’t drop. This is perfect for anyone needing to travel to their event and is having their hair styled early in the day. The other option is to have it styled in the salon and go to your event soon after.

Hair up is perfect for wedding guests as we can create any desired style you like with only limitations based on your hairs length and thickness. We will always recommend what suits you best and take into consideration your outfit and makeup also. All styling includes the cost of finishing products but bouncy blow-dry is the only service that includes a wash prior to the treatment.