Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique on the eyebrows. It is a permanent method but with semi-permanent ink. This allows for fading in the future if you decide to change your style but gives a great hold (up to 2 years) for people who want gorgeous brows without the fuss!

We use a handheld tool to add the pigment into the skin which is all performed in our fully licensed salon with the highest standard pigments.

The service is perfect for anyone with sparse eyebrows, hair loss, patchy or even brows. You can also have this service if you are looking for the ‘tinted brow’ look all year round as we can provide shading onto your natural brow shape.

We offer a full consultation at the appointment so we can ask for your desired look, likes dislikes and any concerns of your own brows. We have images to refer to at the consultation if you are unsure what it is you are after. Once we have spoken through your desired outcome we draw the brows on with a pencil to give you an insight into how the shape will look after the treatment. The brows are measured with a specific measuring tool to gain complete accuracy to your bone structure rather than a generic copy to each client’s face.

Microblading is fully personable as we can create individual soft hair strokes all the way to fully shaded strong brows. This service is really great for anyone.

We do like to inform that clients with oily skin tend to need a top-up sooner than clients with dry or normal skin.

Full microblading service

This is suitable for someone who is new to microblading or has very faded old brows. This service includes 2 sessions. We do a 2.5-hour appointment, to begin with, which includes your consultation, drawing on of the brows and then 1-1.5 hours of the microblading. Once the session is finished we will recap your aftercare which would have been downloadable through the booksy app.

We then book you for a 6 week top up which is included in the overall price. The reason for a top-up is to lay down the second layer of pigment and gives us a chance to see how your skin holds the ink. You may also want slight tweaks of the shape once you get used to the brows so this allows you to be fully satisfied at the end of your service. It is a very important appointment as your technician can adjust the tattoo to suit your skin. For example, some people may fade quicker than others so at the 6 week top up we are able to add a darker pigment to allow for fading.

Annual top-up

Once you have had a full microblading service with SalonSabina you may need an annual top-up. Depending on the skin type you will need a top-up anywhere from 9-24 months. The oily you are the quicker you will need a top-up. This service is 1-1.5 hours long and is a simple refresh of your original micro bladed brows. We can adapt the pigment and the intensity however if you require a completely new shape or the brows are fully faded you will need to book a ‘Full Microblading Service’.

Do I need an ‘Annual Top Up’ or a ‘Full Microblading Service’?

The most simple explanation of the differences in service is an ‘Annual Top Up’ is going over an old tattoo shape but a new shape with no underlying ink requires 2 x layers of pigment sessions so you would need the ‘Full Microblading Service’ as that price includes 2 x sessions and a full consultation process. If you have an old tattoo from another salon you are looking to have refreshed with SalonSabina please contact us with an image prior to booking so we can access what is possible for you.