Which make up brushes are the best to buy?

How do you feel when you see a wall full of make up brushes? Excited? Over-whelmed? Clueless?
Do you need to know which brushes are for which area of the face? Do you need to be inspired with new make up tools? Do you have a brush which you have no idea how to use? Well, read on…
In this blog post I will be telling you my favorite brushes, their uses and my rating out of 5 ❇️’s.
For any further explanations on how to use the brushes, feel free to comment at the bottom which brush you need help with. If  you need further help I will record a live demonstration and upload it to my next blog post.
So, lets begin!!!!


picture of mac contour brush #168 from salonsabina website

  1. MAC 163 – Area of use: Skin – This brush is very sturdy and has minimal flexibility to provide you with great control. This I use for a STRONG contour (drag queen contour preferably or a KIM K look). If you did use this brush for contour we would recommend you use a damp sponge to blend this into the surrounding make up as it can look stripey if not blended. – Rating ❇️❇️❇️                                                                                 mac 168
  2. MAC 168 – Area of use: Skin – The 168 is a beautiful soft sculpted brush. By sculpted I mean the shape of the brush is already carved into the place. The brush is angled so it can sit perfectly in your hollows (cheek bones, temples, jawline). The brush has loads of hair packed into one perfect shape, by having loads of hairs it ensures it picks up a large amount of product. This brush is also fabulous for applying liquid foundation (especially MAC Studio Sculpt) – Rating ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️picture of mac foundation brush #188 from salonsabina website make up artist
  3. MAC 188 – Area of use: Skin – This brush can be used in many ways, for me it started off as being my tool to apply foundation NATURALLY. So for thin bases. Then i moved on to using it as a concealer brush to add extra coverage to certain areas. But now i use it for cream blusher. The reason this brush is so special it is duo fiber. Don’t know what that means? Fear not… Duo fiber is a brush which holds two types of brush fiber (synthetic and natural) by having both fibers it means you can use it for powder AND liquid and it also ensures you get a perfect blend. This brush is much lighter packed with hair compared to the 168, it is also much longer brush hair length. These properties are vital because, having a longer length means the brush has more ‘bend’ by having more flexibility it means product is applied in a ‘thinner’ amount as it cannot hold a large amount of product. This brush also is perfect for contouring on a natural scale, it gives a seamless finish BUT USE IN CIRCLE MOTIONS! – Rating ❇️❇️❇️❇️picture of mac contour foundation brush #159 from salonsabina website make up artist
  4. MAC 159 – Area of use: Skin – 159 is a dream brush! I would say this is a life line brush! It can be used for EVERYTHING. Based on the fact that this brush is also duo fiber. This brush is fluffy but its sculpted to be a flat shape, similar to your traditional basic foundation brush. Basic flat brushes are usually 100% synthetic so you would find your brush is getting dirty and clogged up very quickly. This duo fiber brush is much fluffier so prevents product build up meaning less brush cleaning YAY. This brush is PERFECT for foundation but if you’re like me and get bored doing the same stuff every day then shake things up and use this brush for concealer, under eye powder, cream blusher, highlighter and even a sharp contour! Amen to the 159! – Rating ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️ picture of mac eyeshadow contour foundation brush #217 from salonsabina website make up artist
  5. MAC 217 – Area of use: Eyes & Skin – This brush is a staple brush, it is not a choice to have this brush, its a must! a basic! This natural fiber fluffy oval shape brush is used mainly for eyeshadow but recently i like to use it for cream undereye concealer. The shape is not circular but not flat, its some where in between.. This means it is a perfect shape for the eye lid! Because of the fluffyness of it you will find it beautiful for blending out colours and giving a perfect smokey eye. If using for concealer, liquids and creams can build up quickly in the brush but who cares when it blends it in so perfectly to the skin, it melts the products, best used in a left-to-right motion. – Rating ❇️❇️❇️❇️ 224 mac brush
  6. MAC 224 – Area of use: Eyes & Skin – So, if you rememeber my explanation of the MAC 188, how it is longer and less packed of hairs.. well this MAC 224 is the same but for the eyes. For eye make up it isn’t normal to only use one brush, of course you could if you want to but its usually 3 brushes to create the perfect eye. This 224 is a vital for the perfect eye. As it is ‘bendier’ than the 217 this brush gives your natural applications (transition colours) whereas your 217 gives you a more deeper application (main colour on the lid). This also can be used for concealer on the under eyes but remember, this is your natural application tool so perfect for a mature client.  Your final treat for this brush, you can use it to apply highlighter to the nose and cupid bow! With its fluffy shape it will ensure there are no visible lines of products! A MUST HAVE BRUSH!!!! – Rating: ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️      221
  7. MAC 221 – Area of use: Eyes – Ok, so this would be my third vital brush for a perfect eye make up. The reason being, you have a large brush (224) a medium (217) but you need a small (221) to get deep into that socket or blend under the lower lash line. This brush is even ‘bendier’ than the 224 so its lovely if you want a natural blend of you can pack on that deep black to blend into the socket to give that pop of shadow. I do not use this brush for all clients, but for anyone who has a deep set socket this brush is for you! It means you can apply directly where you need it instead of building up product in unwanted areas! – Rating: ❇️❇️❇️                  picture of mac miss photogenic eyeshadow contour foundation brush #224 from salonsabina website make up artist
  8. Rounded smudge Miss photogenic – Area of use: Eyes – With your lower lash line shadow, it can be hard to blend. You need a ‘stubby’ pencil shaped brush, but nothing too sturdy. You need a medium flexibility to ensure application is bold but with a complete blended transition. – Rating: ❇️❇️❇️  picture of sephora pro bent eyeliner mac miss photogenic eyeshadow contour foundation brush #224 from salonsabina website make up artist
  9. Sephora Pro bent eye-liner – Area of use: Eyes – This brush may take some getting used to, as you have to re-train your wrist to hold the brush in a more ‘stood up’ manner. However, once you are used to the placement of the brush it is absolutely fabulous! It has an extra long bristle length which means you can easily dab eyeliner into those corners. With the brush being bent it also means you can see clearly where the direction of your liner is going. Rating: ❇️❇️❇️❇️                                                               picture of mac eyeshadow contour foundation brush #221 from salonsabina website make up artist
  10. MAC 212 – Area of use: Anywhere you please – Ok, so this brush scared me when I first bought it, however, now that me and a 212 have made friends I couldn’t live without it. Have you ever drawn on your eyebrows but had ONE TINY section go wrong so you start again? Well, never worry about mistakes again! This flat, stiff and square brush creates the perfect ‘slicing’ tool to correct any imperfection. Neaten the lip liner on your red lips, sharpen your brows, clean your winged liner… the possibilities are endless. Just add concealer or a wet spray to the brush and clean away!! Rating: ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️