Which wig do I buy? – ‘The Wig Bible’

The Wig Bible

Of course SalonSabina is primarily a make up business but that does not mean it is limited to make up.

We also have full training in hairdressing and create editorial hair for photo shoots. While creating theatrical hair, you are expected to use extensions, weaves and wigs for impact.

Well, this is where a new addiction began.. The wig obsession! 

It has taken me a while to understand wigs properly and know styles suit me. Finally, I feel like I understand!

As you all know I have a very strong bond with the drag community. This is a community that fully embrace the fabulous wigs! And when I say embrace… I mean it, these wigs are the biggest baddest locks you will ever see.

So, for you lovely people who have previously asked me for wig advice etc, I present you with ‘The Wig Bible’ 

At the end of this blog post (and like every other post) there is a comment section, please leave your thoughts, questions, feedback, and future blog requests. For the record, I am no wig expert or maker of wigs. I am simply sharing my knowledge I have gained.

So, let’s take a dive in to the world of weave! , Enjoy.


Let’s start with the basics,

Types of wigs: 

Half head

SalonSabina Wigs Hung Up On Wall Bristol Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist Half Head Wig

My description of a half head wig would be one large clip-in piece of hair. This piece will cover 1/2 of your head (from ear to ear in a horizontal line). It will usually match your hair colour to create a perfect blend. It is clipped in-between your natural hair so the wig seam is invisible.

These generally are pre-styled so it’s a quick fix for a night out, perhaps loose waves or poker straight. Usually these are just to be worn with your hair down as they can be hard to disguise. Perfect for a newbie of false hair!

Super simple, Super lazy, Super sexy.

3/4 head

SalonSabina Wigs Hung Up On Wall Bristol Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist 3/4 wig

My description of a 3/4 wig would be a clip on wig, rather than a clip in piece of hair. So, to explain in more detail, a 3/4 wig does NOT clip under the hair it clips ONTOP the hair. So this creates a full false style.

The magic of a 3/4 wig is in the name, it covers 3/4 of your hair rather than your whole head. The benefit of that means it’s much easier to disguise due to your fringe still being visible.

To disguise the wig line you would blend your front section of your hair back and ONTOP the wig line. For example this could be a quiff or head band so you cannot see the seam of the wig.

The beauty of 3/4 wigs is you can completely change your hair colour style and length as your natural hair is hidden away underneath. If you are choosing to blend your own hair at the front into the wig, please consider the colour matching. If it is the wrong shade it can become obvious that you are wearing a wig. However, if you like breaking the rules like me, why not embrace the colour difference? You can wear a red wig and blend your black hair into the red wig. Back comb the sections into each other to create a fading blend… Rock it.

Full head

SalonSabina Wigs Hung Up On Wall Bristol Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist full head wig

A full head wig is my least favourite wig. The reason being it is so obvious you are wearing a wig! I never lie if I’m wearing a wig, I tell the world, it’s never a secret. However, I always want it to look good, and not a laughing joke.

Full head wigs are self descriptive. They cover your whole head. By covering 100% of your natural hair you will no longer have your natural hair line at the front of the head. Your hair line will be replaced by a solid dense hair line which NO human has. Take a look at your own hair line in the mirror.. It is thinner in areas, lower and higher in others and on some parts you may even have re-growth. This make the hair line softer on the eye compared to a thick shinning hair line like a full head wig can give you. If you wear a head band or bandana to cover the hair line these wigs are fine, but worn alone, not the best…

Lace front

SalonSabina Wigs Hung Up On Wall Bristol Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist lace front wig

Ok, make way for the lace front, my addiction. A full head wig, but cured of all the bad points! You know how I just explained if our natural hair lines are too solid they look fake? Well these lace front beauties have taken that into full consideration.

These beauties are more expensive but worth every penny! The false hair thins out as it comes towards the front of the wig like a real hair line. It also has an un-even hair line like a normal head.

When you buy a lace front wig, as it says in the name, it will have a large panel of lace around the front. This is so you can cut the front to the shape of your choice. I tend to cut mine as close to the wig hair as I possibly can but some people leave a small flap of lace so that they can use that to glue down to the head. Lace front wigs also tend to have a parting like a normal head of hair.

100% my favourite style of wig and my once a month treat to myself as they are the BEST.

Types of wig hair

SalonSabina Wigs Hung Up On Wall Bristol Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist human hair vs synthetic hair

Wigs come in two basic types. Human hair and Synthetic hair.

Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-Remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates wigs that are completely natural in appearance.

Whereas Synthetic hair is composed of fine plastic fibers, manufactured to look like human hair. In its basic form, synthetic hair is made from low-grade acrylic that is heated and strung into strands to make individual hair fibers. The strands are then laced or tied into extensions and hairpieces.

Which type of hair is for me? 

Well, the main difference between the two is that Human hair CAN tolerate heat whereas Synthetic hair CANNOT. So, if you were to have a human hair wig you can change the style with straighteners and tongs etc. Synthetic hair permanently holds its style which is helpful but the texture of hair is plastic looking.

The main deciding factor for most people is price! Synthetic wigs are £20-60 where as Human hair is £100 +

Where to shop?

If you are reading this in Bristol, my home town, the best shops are:

Victoria London (Republic of Hair I believe it is called now)

Beauty Queens

Just Beauty

If you are looking to purchase online:


Black Candy Fashion

I really hope this blog post has helped introduce you to wigs. Please go and enjoy a wig, they really are amazing.

WARNING! Be prepared to be addicted!

SalonSabina Wigs Hung Up On Wall Bristol Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist lace front wig

If you have any questions I have not answered in this post, please comment below.


 Happy wig hunting!!!!! ♥