You’ll never guess our favourite skin care!

You’ll never guess our favourite skin care!

Skin care issues? Sick of paying mega bucks for a ‘OK’ moisturiser? Hate getting spots every-time you change your skin care?
WELL, we have a very nice surprise for you guys! 😻

After 7 years in the industry trying all the expensive creams for clients etc who would guess that my favourite serum would only cost ONLY £3.99! 😮 I also can get a salon facial for only £5.99!!!

So, where is this range from?!
Ready for it…. ALDI! ⚠️ 🤩
I STILL pinch myself every time I use it how good the products are and the price is just even better! Let us tell you our MUST haves!


Lacura Charcoal Mud Mask £5.99 OMG! So this mask you FEEL doing its work!

How do I use it?

Apply to clean dry skin & allow to dry for 10 minutes.

How does it feel?

While drying the mask can feel warm as it works deep into the pours. The mask will leave the skin feeling tight, fresh and squeaky clean.

What skin type is this best for?

This mask I would recommend for someone with problematic/oily skin. It is designed to minimise pores and imperfections by tightening and exfoliating the skin so we do not recommend this product for sensitive skin.

Can we see the skin after the mask?


Lacura Expert Intensive Care Serum £3.99

How do I use it?

Apply to clean dry skin before your moisturiser.

How does it feel?

This serum penetrates deeper into the skin than a moisturiser so it feels super light. Skin feels hydrated and delicately smooth.

Do I use this instead of a moisturiser?

Skin care is not ‘one fits all’ so this question is hard to answer. Moisturiser is a heavier, thicker product which prevents water leaving the skin where as serum adds a function deeper into the skin (anti ageing, acne treatment, hydration). So, if you have extremely dry skin you may want to use a hydration serum to get deep into the skin & then a moisturiser too to lock the water in. However, if you have acne prone skin and find heavy creams break you out (like myself) I enjoy using the serum alone to give me a light weight moisture. You can apply two layers if needs be.

To summarise:

Serum hydrates but has no residue

Moisturiser hydrates and leaves a layer on the skin

Both used together is fully locked hydration (serum before moisturiser)

What skin type is this best for?

This serum is anti ageing so technically is for a mature skin. However, I always use anti ageing products to prevent the ageing process and usually anti age products are more light weight to prevent wrinkling so I recommend this for all skin types.

Lacura Expert Double Effect Eye Gel £3.99

How do I use it?

Apply in dots to eye socket bone around the under eye with your ring finger. This finger is the most delicate so prevents you over applying the product. Allow the product to absorb rather than rub it in vigorously as the skin around the eye is very delicate.

How does it feel?

This product is a gel so has a cooling effect which tightens the under eye. It makes you feel very refreshed and awake as the eyes feel super hydrated.

What skin type is this best for?

As this is a light weight gel it is suitable for all skin types but I would not apply this to any chapped skin if you have sensitive skin around the eyes.

SO, we have expressed how much we love ALDI skin care but now we want to know YOUR thoughts!

Comment below on your thoughts of favourite skin care and if you also love ALDI skin care.